Raise it up, Mama.

There are about to be a lot of “I’ve got the best mom in the world” posts on Facebook this weekend. I should know, I’ll likely post one because my mom is, well, the best mom in the world. And you know what, it’s good to give our mamas a shout out. Lord knows they put up with a lot of your crap throughout the years, even that one time when you poured all of their foundation in the toilet or when you were an eye-rolling teen-b*tch in high school (just me???). But, I know there are a lot of under the radar moms out there that either don’t get that kind of recognition or don’t feel they should get it. Ladies, this one’s for you. 

To the single moms pulling double duty who are doing every bedtime, cooking every meal, putting out every fire, doing it without backup and a high five partner.

To the new mom, who just got shat on, who thinks she’s failing, who doesn’t know how to comfort her crying (screaming) bundle of mushy baby.

To the grieving moms who aren’t able to hold their kids and who won’t be getting a handmade card or a visit from their child.

To the grieving kids who aren’t able to hug their own moms, but think about them every day.

To the working mom who puts in 40+ hours each week and then comes home to work the other full-time, thankless, volunteer job of motherhood whose probably still using this weekend (“her” weekend) to coordinate schedules, plan for the next week, and cart kids all over Hell’s half acre.

To the Grandmas, Nonnies, Mimis, Grannys, Nanas who care for and love their grandkids like a second mom but with the superpower of more grace, more patience and more understanding than us first-timers.

To the stepmoms who daily walk a tightrope of navigating their role as bonus parent, and who still have to deal with all of the stress of motherhood but with less of the praise.

To the women out there stuck in the waiting game of motherhood, who already have a mother’s heart, but are lacking a child – with a crazy amount of patience that serves as a daily example of what a kick ass mom they’ll be.

To the plain old tired mom who didn’t get the laundry done, who forgot her kid’s doctors appointment, who cried in frustration this week, who lost her sh*t when she didn’t mean to, who burnt dinner, who felt like she failed, who didn’t do the Pinterest birthday party, who doesn’t ever feel put-together, who is erroneously comparing herself to all the other mom’s out there.

Here’s to you – all of you. Grab your coffee cup. Raise it up. This one’s for you. Happy Mothers Day lady, you awe-inspiring mama. There’s no one more deserving. 

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