​What Wedding Vows Look Like Six Years and Two Kids In

I Sarah, take thee Matt to be my lawfully wedded Netflix viewing partner, to have and to hold my keys for me (because if I set them down, I will lose them and you will shake your head at me), for richer (like payday pizza night) and for poorer (like we spend all our money on childcare, diapers and food that our kids don’t finish), to love and to cherish (quiet time together if and when our little angel children ever stop talking), in sickness (like food poisoning sickness, like hear-it-coming-out-both-ends-through-the-bathroom-door sickness that you never think about on your wedding day), and in health (yes, you can have 30 minutes on the treadmill)  from this day (which started at six a.m. because we have two kids and we’ll never sleep in again) forward until death do us part. This is my solemn vow. Take this secret snack after our kids are asleep as a sign of my love and affection. With this late-night tray of brownies, I thee fed.

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