Imagination Astronaut 

​Sweet Boy:

How lucky are you to hold the whole world in your brain? Imagine it, and it is so. The table is outer space. The carpet is Earth. Today you made a parade in the dining room of cowboys, astronauts and prehistoric animals and, if the smile on your face was any form of measurement, it. was. epic.

On any given day you are Batman, a policeman, construction worker, teacher and architect  How boring real life must seem! Or maybe its the other way around? How awesome is every little thing? Amazed at tall buildings, and sirens and the post office.

If I think too hard on it, on how sweet it is – how sweet, and smart and full of everything good you are – my emotions will overflow the banks of my eyelids. Because, shit. I don’t ever want you to lose that. The wonder, or magic, or zest – whatever it is. Can you keep some of it forever?

One thought on “Imagination Astronaut 

  1. The trip to Sears Hardware was pretty epic as well. We strolled the aisles and the copper and steel pipe fittings inspired a lot of questions. Clearance yard ornamentation piqued his curiosity as well & looking inside each grill was an adventure.

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