Eat Baby Eat

​At eight months old, Kate would not/could not eat any pureed baby food without gagging and turning red in the face. At nine months, she started occupational therapy and it was SLOW going , and she screamed through every high chair session, even though we loved her OT. At ten months, we went out to eat, and I saw a baby Kate’s age eating the living daylights out of a grilled cheese sandwich and felt like I must be really failing at feeding Kate. At 12 months everyone let us give up on purees and she did awesome with table food. At 14 months (almost), she’s officially done with OT and eating like a champ thanks to a great therapist and the help of some baby teeth. She’s down to one bottle before bed, which is huge for her which she’ll be giving up soon. 

I’m not sharing this for a pat on the back (Kate did all the hard work anyway) but for three other reasons. 1) There are a lot of people out there that have been cheering her on, and I want you to know she’s doing well. More importantly 2) I contemplated not calling her doctor about feeding even at 8 months because things are just more laid back with baby number two, but I’m glad I did because I didn’t know that a great resource in First Steps was even an option. So if you are wondering about something, ask the doctor. Finally 3) We always tend to share the really rose-colored side of our kids and parenting (or often in my case the comically horrible parts) and I sometimes need a reminder that it’s not all like that. 

When Kate was having trouble, it was hard not to feel bad when I saw other parents posting pictures of Little Sally or Jimmy smugly taking their first bites of pureed beets and quinoa. Once I mentioned her OT sessions online, many people messaged or commented saying their kids had issues too. So I decided to share her experiences because, actually, it’s pretty normal for kids not be normal. There was a point at which I needed to hear that, and maybe you do too.

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